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New Program Launched Called “Muffin Cares”


Yesterday marked the launch of a very special program featuring a very special 5-year-old mini horse named Muffin! 🐴 The “Muffin Cares” program is designed to meet a crucial community need by fostering connection, reducing stigma, and providing hope.

Through “Muffin Cares,” we aim to deliver essential fire safety information, drug prevention and resiliency resources, and connect individuals to our nonprofit partners such as The Courage Center and LRADAC. Muffin’s presence brings a unique and comforting touch to our outreach efforts, making safety and prevention education more engaging and impactful.

You can read more about Muffin and this heartwarming initiative on ABC Columbia: 5-year-old Therapy Horse.

We invite you to support the “Muffin Cares” program by donating to safety equipment and outreach materials through our Cayce Public Safety Foundation or Midlands Gives

Thank you for your continued support in making our community a safer and more connected place!